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Over recent years I’ve seen NeoFPS go from an idea to a substantial framework used in many game dev projects. The NeoFPS community has grown along with it, and I’ve had the pleasure to talk to a huge number of developers of varying experience and ambition. One of my design goals for NeoFPS was to […]

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NeoFPS - The Unity FPS controller asset - Parkour

The 1.1 update of NeoFPS is available now on the Unity Asset Store Get It On The Unity Asset Store The 1.1 update brings together a bunch of great features which hugely expand the movement capabilities of the NeoFPS character, as well as adding important gameplay capabilities such as save games. The new features […]

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NeoFPS - The Unity FPS controller asset

Yondernauts Games is super excited to announce that NeoFPS is now available to buy on the Unity Asset Store. NeoFPS is a brand new first person shooter toolkit and template asset designed from the ground up to help you achieve your vision. Developed with the core goals of flexibility, extensibility and power, NeoFPS enables you to […]

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