NeoFPS - The Unity FPS controller asset

NeoFPS v1.0 Released

Yondernauts Games is super excited to announce that NeoFPS is now available to buy on the Unity Asset Store.

NeoFPS is a brand new first person shooter toolkit and template asset designed from the ground up to help you achieve your vision. Developed with the core goals of flexibility, extensibility and power, NeoFPS enables you to precisely meet your design goals or experiment with new ideas.

Features of NeoFPS include:

  • A powerful motion graph editor for building complex movement systems quickly and easily
  • A modular firearms system featuring a range of components
  • Flexible inventory systems including examples modeled after popular FPS games
  • Various demo levels showcasing features and techniques

Head on over to the NeoFPS website for details on the asset as well as tutorials, documentation and a roadmap of the features planned for future updates.

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