The Roadmap Has Changed - Here's Why

The original roadmap was a reflection of the goals of the asset on launch. The listed features were organised quite arbitrarily into major updates based mostly on how much fun they’d be to work on. After launch it quickly became obvious that the users of NeoFPS had other priorities. After a number of updates working on features based on user feedback that weren’t listed in the v1.1 or v1.2 updates, it made more sense to organise this list differently.

The new roadmap has not removed any features from the original. Instead it is focused on providing an up to date picture of the current priorities and in-development features on this website, while providing a much more detailed breakdown of planned features here.

In-Development Features

The following features are being worked on right now

  • Quick save/load using F5/F9 (by default) on standalone
  • Quick, auto (checkpoint) and manual saves
  • Save browser in main menu
  • Continue button in main menu resumes from latest save
  • Optional screenshots or scene thumbnails for quick and auto saves
  • Multi-scene saves
  • Persistence (save character only and reload after scene change)
  • Scene management system with loading screens
  • SceneSwitcher component to easily trigger scene loads and persist data
  • Granular control over saved objects and components
  • (Possible) Profiles for multiple save types (eg full, light, persistence)
  • NeoSerializable interface for components and scriptable objects
  • Formatters for adding save/load to complex third party components
  • File read/write on separate thread to prevent freezes on save
  • Loading screen system for async scene loading
  • In-game saving notification
  • Custom binary serializer/deserializer
  • Save game file inspector
  • Holographic sight shader and component that projects reticule in-front of gun
    • Swappable reticule textures
    • Change colour and brightness
  • Render target scope shader with parallax
  • Interactive object highlight shaders
  • HDRP and URP implementations
  • Parkour states and conditions
    • Wall running
    • Vaulting and mantling
    • Dashes and slides
  • Swimming states and scene elements
  • Jetpacks
  • Jump pads

Up Next

Once the current tasks have been completed, the following are queued up:

  • Transform the welcome popup into a central NeoFPS manager
  • Quick-start guides for common tasks such as adding the character to a scene
  • Item setup wizards for creating and setting up common objects (pickups, interactive objects, weapons, etc)
  • Scene and project setup tools
  • Update tracker that checks previous version and collates changes that can require modifications

  • Integrations with third party assets that add the necessary features to create a complete game with NeoFPS
  • Playmaker
  • Game Creator
  • Gaia and Gaia Pro
  • Tap vs hold interaction on a single object
  • Hammer interaction
  • HUD tooltips and feedback
  • Inspection
  • Weapon customisation
  • New weapon attachments including scopes and extended magazines
  • New modules such as pattern shooters
  • Damage falloff and randomisation
  • Sprinting and crouching poses and animations
  • New modules
  • Editor improvements
  • Improved demo assets including effects
  • Improved feature demo scenes with guides in NeoFPS manager popup
  • FPS style demos that demonstrate using NeoFPS to emulate different FPS games


The following are the current priorities for NeoFPS development:

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Ease of Use​

Editor tools and improvements to make working with NeoFPS more accessible from the moment it's picked up

Tutorials and guides for NeoFPS core features and common tasks when trying to make an FPS

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Complete Game Capabilities

Features and integrations that enable the creation of complete first person shooter games using NeoFPS

With the help of assets that focus on things outside the NeoFPS remit, everything you need should be at your fingertips

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Demos and Wow Factor

Features and integrations that add that extra spark and draw people in to your games

Demos that show off what NeoFPS is really capable of, along with guides that show you how to achieve the same results in your games

Alongside the above, 2020 is the year of multiplayer for NeoFPS. More information will be made available as it progresses

Visit Trello

For a detailed breakdown of all the features that are planned for NeoFPS, take a look at the public Trello
This list is constantly updated based on user feedback and new opportunities.

Got an idea for an awesome feature you’d like to see added?


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