In-Development Features

The following features are being worked on right now

Full body animations for use in AI, body awareness and multiplayer.


A player character body that you can see when you look down. Includes IK features for foot placement and hand matching to weapons.


Integrations with third party assets that add the necessary features to create a complete game with NeoFPS.

  • Playmaker (partially integration available)
  • Dialogue System
  • Quest Machine
  • Rayfire (Completed)
  • … More to come later


The major priorities for NeoFPS are as follows (in order):

The systems required for AI will be built and distributed to testers. The final AI will be included in the 1.2 upgrade

  • Simple melee and ranged enemies
  • Alert and chase mechanics
  • Line of sight system
  • Waypoints and patrol routes

A major upgrade for NeoFPS that refactors many of the existing systems and smooths the way for future development. Features include:

  • Motion graph refactor and usability improvements
  • Improved layer usage and setup
  • Various refactored systems
  • New input system
  • Enemy and NPC AI

Starting work on adding multiplayer to NeoFPS. This may involve a large scale rearchitecture of the NeoFPS systems so will take some time. What form it will launch in (major upgrade, separate asset, collection of assets) is not currently decided. The implementation will be dog-fooded by the development of a small game or game prototype to ensure it meets the needs of production.

Multiple smaller features will be added and updated whilst working on the above priority tasks.

Detailed Breakdown

Visit Codecks

For a detailed breakdown of all the features that are planned for NeoFPS, take a look at the public Codecks roadmap
This list is frequently updated based on user feedback and new opportunities.

Got an idea for an awesome feature you’d like to see added?