NeoFPS v1.0 is now available on the asset store.


These tasks are being actively worked on for the next major update. There may also be minor updates before this with bug fixes and polish if required. Some of these features will be introduced in minor updates before the full v1.1 release, though the full release will include documentation, demo levels and tutorials that may not be as detailed for minor updates.

Free-running and acrobatic motion graph states and supporting features including:

  • Wall Running
  • Mantling
  • Vaulting
  • Sprint Slides

Customisable jetpack style movement states


Zero-G movement states, along with motion graph elements and scene components for changing the character up vector.


Better physical presence, with multiple attack types (swing, thrust), multiple targets and blocking


Deterministic throw arc with visualisation. New thrown weapon examples


Customisable bow and arrow based weapons


A simple editor to assign surface types to mesh faces for impact effects and footsteps


Better checking for invalid graphs, and better visual feedback and logging for graphs in use.


Improved highlighting for interactables and examples of using shaders to highlight selected objects


New demo scenes and tweaks to the existing scenes to show off the new features


Writing manual and scripting reference entries for the new features


Testing and QA of the new features



These tasks are roughly planned for the 1.2 update. More details and specifics will be added upon release of v1.1

A 3D body that the player can see when looking down


The ability to replace hand and arm geo in weapons, but maintain animations


Hand & body interaction with ladders to increase immersion


Water zones and motion graph states for moving in water (deep, shallow, surface)


Full range of gamepads and platforms supported out of the box, along with weapon-lead controls and camera movement similar to games like Goldeneye and Timesplitters


Inventory setups tailored to gamepad, along with a PC inventory that allows weapon mode switching (eg. press number multiple times to cycle fire rates)


Additions to the modular firearm system including weapon customisation, new scope and shooter types and dual wielding


Leaning, ducking (Prey), post-processing effects


Picking up and carrying rigidbody objects and ragdolls in the world


Asset Integrations

Integrations with other popular assets that work well alongside NeoFPS to add functionality and features. You can find details of existing integrations here, and you can suggest other assets to integrate via the contact form here.

Emerald AI
Inventory Pro
Decal Master


These are the major priority features and tasks for future updates 

Investigate Unity’s new data-oriented tech stack – ECS, the job system and burst compiler

Implement a multiplayer framework using the new Unity networking system, along with finalising interfaces for users to integrate alternative systems. The framework should have the following features:

  • Client/Server model with authority
  • Simple expandable player lobby
  • Competitive game styles (deathmatch, last man standing)
  • Team game styles (team deathmatch, king of the hill, capture the flag, attack/defend)
  • Co-op PVE game styles
  • Messaging
  • Spectating
  • In-game server admin roles and administration

New states to allow player character controller via animations (eg. scene events) and lerping to static or moving “attachment points” among others


These tasks are planned for addition, but a priority and time scale has not been decided

An expansion asset that adds first person roleplaying game features to NeoFPS, including:

  • Player stats affecting movement, health and damage
  • Survival elements (food, water, sleep, stamina, illness)
  • Inventory management and hotbar based inventory
  • Containers (chests, bodies, etc)
  • Loot drops
  • XP and leveling system
  • Skills and perks
  • Simple dialog system

Investigating the scriptable render pipelines, including the HDRP. Mainly focussing on the impact to the first person camera, but also looking at new features like shader graph based weapon clipping solutions and separate weapon FoV.

Tap vs hold interaction, and interaction wheels

Extending the interactables system to allow for interacting with the Unity UI system in world space

Fixed position weapon turrets that players can interact with and control

A framework for interacting with and controlling vehicles from first person

Save system with quicksave, autosave and manual saves. Continue and load options from menu. Checkpoint base saves and respawn points for storing progression but not details like positions and character state


These are features that would be cool to have, but have not been appraised yet 

Shader based bullet hit decals integrated with the modular firearm system and surface based impact system

Touch screen based camera, movement and inventory controls, along with supporting features such as new inventories

Small demo games sold as separate expansion assets, with full art, audio and animation assets, and scripts. Examples include:

  • Multiplayer
  • Open-world
  • Story based
  • Survival

Additional multiplayer features such as:

  • Matchmaking
  • Persistent player profiles
  • New architectures

AI based controllers for first person characters with basic pathing and aim. An API for custom implementations will also be provided

A camera system that allows switching in and out of third person (maintaining character control), and cinematic modes (animated / scripted character control). Includes looking at integration with Cinemachine

A system for constructing buildings by snapping objects together

Got an idea for an awesome feature you’d like to see added?


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