Custom Guns 02 – The Inventory

00:48 – Inventory Keys

03:50 – Alternative Inventories

07:30 – Inventory Ammo

This video runs through the process of adding a new gun and its ammo to the NeoFPS inventory system, using the AK47 from David Stenfors’ Low Poly FPS Pack free sample as an example.

This is the second in a 3 part series. The first video on creating a firearm, you can view here, while the third on adding pickups and firearm drops you can view here.

In this video you will learn how to:

  • Set inventory keys for the items
  • Choose the inventory implementation to use
  • Create an inventory item for the new ammo


NeoFPS (v1.0.05+): Purchase on the Asset Store

Low Poly FPS Pack – Free (Sample): Get it free on the Asset Store

You can also check out more assets by the creator of the Low Poly FPS Pack here.

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