Learn how to make the most of NeoFPS with these video and web tutorials.

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You can also find much more information in the NeoFPS Documentation.

Getting Started

These tutorials go over your first steps in NeoFPS, from installation to navigation.

Modular Firearms

These tutorials cover various features of the NeoFPS modular firearm system. What is it, how does it work, and how to create your own firearms using it.

Unity Animator Controllers for NeoFPS Firearms

These tutorials help build an understanding of Unity’s animator controllers, and how to use them with the NeoFPS firearms systems.

NeoFPS First Person Body Systems

These videos run through the first person body features in NeoFPS, along with the demos

First Person Body Features

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These tutorials cover a range of topics in NeoFPS from movement systems to save games.


4 Videos
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